Contingency Recruiting (Search)

Odell Companies healthcare recruiting services receives payment of all or most of the cost of services contingent on the hiring of a referred candidate.

Odell Companies will work to provide your organization with qualified, pre-screened candidates for your positions. Upon request, Odell Companies will provide you with a professional reference report of the top-selected candidates delivered from our firm. It is not the standard practice of this firm to do credit and background checks of any other kind unless specifically requested.

To confirm our cost of service agreement, our fee is based on a percentage of the first year’s annual compensation, should you hire a candidate presented by Odell Companies, Inc. or should you hire a candidate referred by our candidate, within one year of the initial presentation.

We also offer a replacement guarantee. This assures you that should the successful candidate leave your employment, Odell Companies will replace that candidate at no additional charge.