Retained Search

Odell Medical Search is a leading Healthcare recruiting firm, with a focus on retained executive search, strategic consulting, and market intelligence. We are committed to developing and nurturing deep relationships with our clients and streamlining a strong network of world class executives across medical niches.

We’ll find candidates with the right experience for your company. Whether you’re interested in a healthcare veteran with an impeccable track record or an up-and-comer with a reputation for innovation, we know where to find the best.

The objective is to separate the exceptional from the average performer and assess them against the needs of the position and the client organization.

The client obtains the consultants’ full commitment, focus and resources and can expect regular feedback and consultation throughout the search process.

Conduct search assignments on an exclusive, retainer contract basis only.

The search firm commits to complete the assignment professionally and to the client’s satisfaction.

Retained recruiters are paid by their clients in stage payments under contract, which are not solely dependent upon placement.

The hiring organization wants a recruiter who will make a dedicated effort on its behalf to filling the position. A retained search takes priority over all contingency searches.

Retained executive search consulting:

• It is critical to hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified person available.

• The hiring organization wants an independent third party to thoroughly screen candidates, through extensive interviews, before finalists are presented.

• The hiring organization wants to evaluate internal candidates against who might be available outside and using the retained recruiter to put both internal and external candidates through the same process assuring both internal and external candidates are treated equally and fair; without bias.

• The hiring organization wants the retained executive to approach prospective candidates on a confidential basis.

• The hiring organization wants to establish a close working relationship with the recruiter, so that the hiring process takes into account nuances of the hiring organization's culture and issues related to the job vacancy.

• A retained consultant will never present a candidate to more than one client at a time. A contingency recruiter, on the other hand, often presents attractive candidates to as many clients as possible.

Assist your organization in the recruitment of senior executives or key positions. Embark on a proactive, systematic search and outreach to find and recruit the best possible executive candidate for the position in question.